Friday, November 14, 2014

Adventures in Cloth Diapering

We went for it.
We made the plunge, we are cloth diapering this baby.
I was a little nervous.
I have some amazing friends who cloth diaper who are showing us the ropes.

We are using Best Bottoms diapers as well as a few BumGenius Freetimes (for night time), and a couple work at home mom diapers. So far..... we love it. Seriously.
We ordered from Nicki's Diapers and they have been marvelous to work with, we have been ordering a few a month since January to build up our stash so that we could spread out our cost so that it wasn't one lump sum all at one time (thanks for the tip Lindy).
I also have a small collection of cloth wipes that we use, I figure if I am doing all the laundry anyways, what is a few wipes in the mix.

We didn't use cloth diapers while Lucy was in the NICU or the first couple days at home, we used up the ones that they gave us and as those were running out we use a newborn cloth diaper rental for the early days when she was still a bit too small for the ones that we owned. Not only are they ridiculously cute but we have other reasons as well......

My reasoning for wanting to do it:
  • primarily it is environmentally - I just can't stand the idea of millions of diapers going in the waste when I have beautiful alternatives 
    • I don't think I would be doing it if the cloth diapers were still the old school ones like my grandparents used (heck I doubt my grandparents used cloth but that were available when they were diapering my parents and aunts and uncles) - something about a squirming child and having to properly fold a diaper AND then stick pins into said diaper without poking a baby/toddler scares the daylights out of me - so we are going with the snap version of Best Bottoms
    • Yes, I know some people still use the prefolds or flat diapers and use the safety pins/diaper pins, but it just isn't for me 
    • Yes, I know the Best Bottoms are a little more expensive than the flats or prefolds, but frankly I don't care
  • other reasons:
    • I hear there are many health benefits for babies who use cloth (I am not anti disposable and we use disposable for sure when we are on vacation most likely because I can't quite fathom how I would make cloth diapers work on vacation - but who knows we'll see how it goes)
    • financially - I can't lie the financial side of it did play a slight role in our decision making but wasn't the main reason
    • low low reason - seriously how cute are babies in cloth diapers

I am sure as Lucy gets a bit bigger and starts eating real food the challenges to cloth diapering will change, but so far, we love it. The extra laundry really doesn't phase me and the amount of money we are saving as well as the amount of diapers we are keeping out of the landfill warms my heart.

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  1. Fluffy Bums are so cute! Go Lucy. I want to see a picture in a mud butt! :)