Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Pintrest Projects

I. Am. An. Addict.
I. Love. Pintrest.

I love the joy of pinning things to my wall.
I love the joy of looking at the projects and debating my skills and if I have it in my to give it a whirl.
I love looking at the variations that other people have created with the same directions.
I even have a board dedicated to the projects that I have done.
                                        And I am fairly certain I have missed some on there.

I make it my mission to actually do some of the things I pin, to try the recipes, to create the crafty things, yes, yes of course I have a board just full of quotes, and a board filled with my dream board if I had millions of dollars laying around and I could think of nothing else to spend them on (such as paying off student loans, buying copious amounts of Disney Vacation Club points, saving for Lucy's college years, solving world hunger etc.), and a board filled with photography tips and photo ideas. I LOVE PINTREST.

Lately I have had some decent successes on pintrest and not many pintrest fails surprisingly, which probably means I am overdue for one here soon. Butttt anyways thought I would share a few of my successes. The first one my mom actually found the original pin and then brought the supplies to create this wreath for my stairwell, it looks awesome. My second success that I never actually thought I would need was a place to hang/organize Lucy's hair bows/headbands. They were driving me nuts in the bottom of her drawer and I could never actually find the headband that  I wanted (she doesn't really have enough hair for bows yet) and so I found a way to organize them that works for us. REALLY EASY, all it took was a picture frame, some ribbon, some hooks for the bottom to hang headbands from, and a staple gun (you can't go wrong when a staple gun is involved). The third is that I am LOVING handprint/footprint art. With such teeny tiny handprints/footprints I can't help but use them and turn them into fun things, Lucy and I created these kitchen towels for both of her grandmothers for a fun fall surprise.

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