Monday, November 24, 2014

Weekend Recap

Ahhh I can't believe how quickly I am already forced to write this - I would like to request extra days for the weekend (wait wouldn't we all?!) - as well as extra days that I plan absolutely nothing. I want days that we aren't allowed to schedule anything. Is that possible?

Friday night we had a dinner with a group of friends from church - can't go wrong with friends, taco bar, and ice cream bar :) - let me not forget to mention that Lucy was loved on the entire time and she soaked up all the love. Which go figure I didn't manage to get a single picture of - apparently I actually was into whatever we were going on an didn't even bother to take out my phone to grab a picture.

Saturday was wonderful: laundry, snuggling on the couch, a good run for me, a walk with Dakota (it is pretty cold and a bit slippery here, so no running outside for me), some packing for middle school gathering, and Marc began the great cookie baking process for the day after Thanksgiving frosting party at his Grandparents house.
Saturday night I spent out at a local resort with 597 of my favorite middle schoolers (28 from my own church) and we had a marvelous little retreat. Lucy spent her first night alone with dad. Word on the street was there was much snuggling at home and Marc realized he can't bake cookies and entertain Lucy - so they snuggled the night away. Lucy slept in our room in her rock and play because Marc was a little worried about not hearing Lucy when she woke up in the middle of the night - but they both did fine and I heard Dakota got promoted to sleeping on my spot on our bed. It is rough to be the beloved golden retriever at our house. 

Sunday Lucy came out to the Middle School Gathering so that Marc could continue baking cookies as soon as he got home from church. Lucy was in heaven - EVERYONE wanted to hold her and snuggle her. The kids were fascinated by her and she had a great time. Thankfully I brought our Beco babycarrier along so that she could curl up and get in a good nap without being ridiculously over stimulated. So in the midst of LOUD worship she slept peacefully (thankful for the baby carrier and for a baby who can and will sleep just about anywhere without even blinking an eye). Welcome to the world of two working parents Lucy, you get to come on all sorts of retreats, lock-ins, meetings, and who knows where else you will be toted around due to my crazy work. She loved it so that helps. She really is a great baby as long as she is being held.

After the kids all left, a few of my good friends, who also are local went swimming at the resort before we left. (The Packer vs Viking game on was on as well in the pool area - that game was a BIT too close for comfort - we drove home during half time so we could finish watching the game at home) It was great to have the pool to ourselves and to enjoy a little swimming after everyone left. Lucy LOVES the pool and loves kicking around and splashing. She thought it was great. The only major tears of the pool came when it was time to get out of the pool and go home. We get the same response when we take her out of the tub too, so I am not surprised.

When we got home, we finished watching the Packer game while helping Marc finish the cutout cookies - note the HUGE box full of cookies (I put Lucy in the picture for size comparison) as well as the printer paper box mostly full of cookies. UGGGG sooooo many cookies. Now to keep them from breaking while we drive to Wisconsin on Thursday morning. Here's hoping and praying we can get them padded well enough and they survive the journey. I wish it was our job to bring the frosting so that I wouldn't have to worry about this.

After the Packers game and cookies were done I had a wild hair idea to call up on of my high school kids to see if she'd watch Lucy so Marc and I could go see Mockingjay. Thankfully she said her homework was done and she'd love to. Tarin was officially Lucy's first babysitter.
Mockingjay was good, but I do love the book more than the movie. They took quite a few artistic liberties and some were not for the better. I had hoped since they broke Mockingjay into two parts they would be able to keep some of the details, but alas they weren't able to keep many that I had hoped for. Still worth watching though.

How was your weekend?
Have you seen Mocking jay?
How do you feel about cutout cookies?

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