Friday, March 14, 2014

Pie Day!

  • Today was a wonderful day here.

  • We found out we are getting a tax return. Taxes make me nervous, I am always nervous that we have to pay in (which would SUCK) - but we do get a return, not huge but a return none the less.

  • The weather is above freezing. REJOICE.

  • Our basement is coming along. REJOICE.

    • today our sheetrock, tub/shower, and insulation were delivered.

  • This afternoon I actually got quite a bit done, I needed to do some work for the camp I work for (parttime) and some work for my actual job (proof my sermon for Sunday and make sure that I am ready for a burial tomorrow).

  • IT is PI day! Whoop Whoop. 

    • We have a group of friends who we frequently get together with for St. Patty's day, however, with one the ladies due on Monday with her second baby we didn't want to risk not getting together. So we gathered and had Shepherd's pie, had pie for dessert, and played some games. Friends are indeed good.

This was a ridiculously random post, but it works.
Hope y'all had a great pi day!

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