Sunday, March 16, 2014

Insulating Weekend

It was an insulating weekend around the Marshall house. We spent our weekend insulating our basement, walls and ceilings (yes, we know that insulating the ceiling wasn't necessary, however, we wanted to sound protect the basement from upstairs and vice versa - so we insulated with R-30 which is roughly 10 or so inches of beauty.). The walls got r-13 except for a couple walls which got R-19 for extra insulation due to the space that they allowed. It was crazy and took quite a while, but we are happy that we did it and are jazzed for the plumbers to be coming in tomorrow to rough in our bathroom. Dakota was a champ. We bribed her with a 99% empty peanut butter jar and every couple hours we bundled up and took her for a walk around the neighborhood. Yesterday, was MUCH nicer out that today, today when I left for work my car read -4 degrees. BRING ON SPRING PLEASE!
Bribery at it's finest
Our truck full of insulation, sheetrock, and a bathtub/shower
He humors me and allows me to take pictures
Taking the plastic off these bundles is like opening one of those
Pillsbury dough cans where it just explodes out of the can
It was fun - seriously we enjoyed it every time
Note how far it expanded compared to Marc

Progress at it's finest

Now we can cross that off the to-do list and next up is roughing in our bathroom and then the sheetrockers will come to hang the sheetrock and then another crew comes to tape and texture the walls. THEN WE CAN PAINT! (oh beloved Mother, who is a rockstar at painting, pack your painting clothes and come on up.) Whoop Whoop. Oh and I suppose at some point we need to figure out what we are doing for doors and flooring. I think both bedrooms downstairs are getting carpet. The bathroom some type of tile or laminate (oh beloved brother, want to come tile a floor for me?! You know you want to....). And then in the main room and the hallway I am hoping for some type of a fake wood type of deal (brother don't you want to also try to do this?!). AND THEN... we can finally move all of our stuff out of the guest bedroom upstairs as well as move our stuff we have crammed into the closet under the stairs (we didn't sheetrock that part for about 12,000 reasons.). IT IS GETTING CLOSER.

Or at least we are making progress.

How was your weekend?
Did you do anything fun?

  • Friday we had friends over and it was AMAZING, so much fun with friends. Shepherd's pie and pie for dessert it seriously doesn't get any better than that
  • We did watch the Hurt Locker on Saturday evening which was an interesting movie for sure.
  • Also my blanket I am crocheting for myself is 90% done and I AM JAZZED and already picking out my next project


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  1. Giving a dog an empty peanut butter jar is the best entertainment ever (for you and the dog). Very impressed with your insulation, that totally intimidates me.