Sunday, March 9, 2014

Weekend update

It was a WONDERFUL weekend. WE FINALLY were able to go outside, seriously, long long long overdue. We FINALLY spent some time outside on Saturday and Sunday. Friday night and into Saturday I was on retreat with our seventh and eighth graders from church as well as four neighboring churches at a bible camp not far from us. It is always great to get together with the groups from our area. We had a great time and the weather played along as well, last year at this retreat we got stuck part way home and had to extend our trip a day due to horrible weather. This year we had a great time. The kids got to play games outside and go sledding what more could you really want?! Not to mention they were EXHAUSTED from all the time spent playing outside. Fresh air is a gift for sure.

   On Sunday, Marc, Dakota, and I were able to spend almost the whole afternoon outside! IT WAS AWESOME. It was good for the soul for sure. (We gave in and bought new rainboots for Marc and I, due to our new living location, and the need and desire to get be able to slip shoes on and run to doe stuff outside without having to worry about getting our shoes all muddy, when mud season finally arrives.) We started chipping away at the ice that is nearly a foot and a half thick on our drive way, it took us quite a bit to get a bunch of it chipped away. The problem is we still have a LONG ways to go. We were only able to get so much chipped away because of how hard the ice was. We did get some of it done though and were able to chip into some of it in places so that when the sun shines hopefully it will help to get it melting faster.  I also started chipping away at the ice on the deck, which is also obnoxiously thick. Marc scraped away the snow and ice at the door/front entryway so that we can finally use that door without falling on our bums. Dakota thought she had died getting to spend so much time outside. Although there was still a serious challenge in running around in the snow.

How was your weekend?
Do you still have snow on the ground? (we still have a TON of snow on the ground here)
Did you do anything wonderful this weekend?


  1. Is Dakota down in the basement?

    1. Yeah, she is down in the basement sleeping in the one picture. We had to move all of our crap out of the basement so that hopefully in the next couple weeks we can get the sheetrock put up and eventually get it taped and textured and what not. She was EXHAUSTED after playing outside and just passed out in the middle of what will be the hallway of our basement.