Monday, March 24, 2014


This weekend we had what I am calling a Pinterest success. I am weird and we sort our laundry as we throw it in the baskets, the whites in one load and the darks in the other load and then things like: cloth kitchen napkins, towels, dish towels, wash rags, etc go in a third pile (of which we never had a basket or anything for) then I don't have to sort the laundry, but can just throw in a load of laundry whenever I have time or when a basket gets fullish. Before this weekend and in the first picture you can see how our laundry baskets were, we stacked, two mis-matched baskets on top of one another and you had to lift up the second basket any time you had something to go in the bottom one. Yes, I know it wasn't that much work but it was a little annoying none the less. I found on pinterest, somewhere and I apparently didn't repin it (oops) but they essentially hung up baskets in their closet, which we have the PERFECT space for.

So this weekend we stopped in at Menards and bought two sets of bracket hanging things, mounted them, and bought two matching laundry baskets at Target (which happened to match one of our other baskets we already owned) and we have a great hanging system. SERIOUSLY WONDERFUL, I now can pull off the wall whichever I want to wash (the bottom basket just sits on the floor) and wash and we can throw our clothes in without having to pick up baskets. {Top Basket: towels and kitchen laundry Middle Basket: whites Bottom Basket: darks}

Total Project Cost:
Brackets and pieces from Menards: $11.23 {plus it is the 11% sale so we will get a little back from it}
2 laundry baskets from Target: $18.01

WONDERFUL project. I am in love.
Took us less than 30 minutes, the hardest part (which really wasn't that hard) was to make sure the two sets of brackets were level to each other and spacing them out as we wanted.

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  1. That is fantastic! Will have to keep this in mind if we ever have a real laundry space that isn't my kitchen.