Saturday, March 29, 2014

Golden Retriever A Palooza

One of our dear friends recently got a couple of golden retrievers, Duncan (the smallest golden retriever pictured below is 8ish weeks) and Echo (the middle sized golden retriever pictured below is 4ish months). One night she had meetings all night and so we got the opportunity to be on puppy patrol and it was MARVELOUS. Seriously, we snuggled the puppies and laughed as Dakota, Duncan, and Echo played together. Here are some of the pictures from our night with three golden retrievers in our house.

Who doesn't try to sit in the food bowl?!

3 sleeping golden retrievers = victory

How can you not just sit and snuggle them all?!

Do you have dogs?
Do you have a favorite breed?

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  1. How much fun is that?! What cuties!! I think my favorite breed is Cocker Spaniel - I had two growing up and own one now! :0) I love dogs in general, though.