Monday, March 31, 2014

March Photo Dump

Sheetrock is hung in our basement
Duncan - 8ish weeks old Golden Retriever - visiting for the night
We got new snow boots & were chipping away at the ice

Learning the joys of icicles

While she has gotten huge sometimes
she still looks so small
So this picture is totally posed, but I think it is hilarious
I was noting that the insulation was set up for a perfect lounger
so I laid down and Marc snapped the picture. I think it is funny
Love this sweet nose & the golden retriever it belongs to
How can you not just laugh at this photo
Dakota was getting the snow off her face
Doggy bribery at it's finest
It only took me 3 years to get these hung in my office
Marc's face makes me laugh on this one
Puppy whiskers (how many years can I get away calling her a puppy)
Dakota is not impressed with my photo taking of my blanket
sort of like the way this one looks in black and white

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