Friday, December 13, 2013

Stories of 1603

Moving is bittersweet.

1603 was the first house I have ever bought and quickly became my home.

It was the house in which I spent my first years as a pastor

    the space in which I rejoiced and cried in my first years as a pastor

It was the house in which Dakota grew to full size

    it is the house in which she hid many a shoe, played in the bath tub, and took many a nap

It is this kitchen where my husband asked my parents to marry me (with my father in his boxers)

It is the kitchen where my brother and husband learned to tile a back splash

It is in this yard where I learned how to keep a dog from digging

       to make the earth produce fruits and veggies

       to tend the grass

       to grow beautiful flowers

       to take naps in the shade

       to dig up overgrown bushes

It is in the master bedroom where my brother, mother, and I learned about texturing walls (uffdah)

It is in the front room where I was lost in many a good book

It is in the bathroom where I dared to put color on my walls after years of institutional living

It is in the kitchen where we learned about replacing counter tops and painting cupboards

It is in the living room where I learned about hosting family and friends

It is in the kitchen where I learned new recipes

       broke bread with many a person

It is in the loft space that I sewed my first quilt by myself

It is the front threshold I crossed for many a long run

It is this small hole in the fence that my now 60lb dog used to be able to squeeze through

It is in this bedroom where I found my rest at night

It is in these bedrooms where I was able to offer rest to the weary

It is in this house that I learned the joys (and woes) of home ownership

It is in this house where my husband and I spent our first six months of married life (almost to the day)

Moving is bittersweet

My prayer is for its new owners, may their days be filled with beautiful memories, may the house be good to them and not have many problems. May the house be warm in the winter and cool in the summer. May they always find it to be a sanctuary and a safe place to be. May they welcome many a guest to their table and extend hospitality to all that they meet. May they have many a good year in 1603 and may she be as good to them as she was to me.


  1. I hope your prayer is answered better than the similar prayer I prayed when we sold my mom's house. It's a METH DEN now!!!

  2. Aww Sarah...I know exactly how you feel. I'm super sentimental about my homes I've lived in...that's tough. May your new home hold many new memories!!