Thursday, December 12, 2013

Christmas Decorations

Confession: I would LOVE to have my house all decorated for Christmas.

Reality: With moving last week, I am happy to have a bed to sleep on, so long fair well beloved thermarest may we not meet again until we are camping for real, not in my mostly empty house. I am elated to have my pots and pans back, I am beyond excited to have a couch to sit on. Boxes are all over my house, particularly in the basement (Mom and Dad when you visit - it will be like sleeping in a box fort, perhaps we'll make some progress before you arrive).

Really, I am more worried about unpacking my things, finding the extra toilet paper, finding my pants for work, and getting things put away. This year's Christmas decorations are going to be pitiful - I think I know where the Christmas stockings are. Goal: Find the Christmas Stockings before Santa comes on Christmas Eve (I believe they are in one of three boxes I have set aside in hopes the stockings are in there).

Next year, I shall really decorate my house for Christmas. I am doubtful that this year we will even get a Christmas tree up. We are now mid-month and it is sort of beginning to seem like a waste to go get one and put it up. Rather, I will find bedding and towels for our guests who are coming, I will find drinking glasses and plates.

Are you big into decorating for Christmas?
Real or fake tree?

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