Monday, December 23, 2013

CHAOS abounds

I love Christmas.
I love the Christmas season.
I love having family around during the Christmas season.
I love my family.
I love my call.

This week we have a ridiculously large funeral, read a beloved pastor from the synod, today, tomorrow we have three worship services and I get to (although on Christmas eve it sometimes feels like have to) lead worship at two different nursing homes in the morning, and Wednesday we have one service at the church. On top of it all my dear friend was here Thursday through Saturday, my mom arrive on Friday (thank God, because our new house needs some serious decorating help and my mom rocks at that), my mother in law arrived on Saturday, my father is set to arrive today as well as my brother and his spastic dog. Thank God my mother is here because she loves (or at least volunteers) to cook and help around the house. Thank God for a second bathroom - while yes there is still some waiting for the bathroom it has been greatly reduced.

I am will be more than ready for the 25th in the afternoon, then I can finally relax.
Fingers crossed this week we will get above 0 degrees so we can get outside a little bit.

What do your holiday plans look like?
Are you able to be outside where you live?

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