Thursday, December 5, 2013


It. Is. Finally. Here!

   no more camping in the living room of our house
   no more lack of our stuff (yes, this is indeed a first world problem)
   a new house to fill with memories (and hopefully not too much stuff)
   new walls to paint, carpets to spill on, and neighbors to meet
   thankful for the ability to have a new house and the opportunity to move

We close this morning at 11:00 am. Both Marc and I have the day off (because we can) and so this morning we are going to load our stuff into our moving truck (seriously jazzed we got a free moving truck from our Realtor, we only have to pay the gas).

The sucky part is we won't close on our current house for another week due to their loan being stupid slow in coming through, however they are 99% certain it will still close next week. We are fairly confident of that and ready to be done living like we are camping and just want to get on with the process. The nice part is this does give us a little bit more time to move and get everything cleaned out. I have it mostly cleaned, however I would like to run the vacuum through the front room one more time, double check that all the poop is picked up in the yard, and wipe down the bathroom one more time and run a mop over the wood floors. So while in one sense it raises the stress level and on the other it lowers the stress level. Praying that everything goes through next week with the house to close and we only own two houses for a week.

We probably won't move a ton into our new house until Saturday, we have friends who have graciously volunteered to help us haul stuff. So until then we will probably just make small loads to the house and start to think through what we need to do and where stuff will go. The things on the to-do list for right away is: hang a shower curtain, put toilet paper in the bathrooms (yes, bathrooms with an 's' we have multiple), plug the deep freeze back in, we emptied it and put things in coolers but it needs to be plugged in asap), and put our refrigerator stuff in there so it doesn't get warm. Ridiculously exciting.

I am sure there will be a ton of photos to be coming at some point. Watch for them.
I am VERY thankful to be in the new house by Christmas!
I am not very excited to have to switch my address on everything again.

How do you feel about moving?
Do you like where you currently live?


  1. I kind of miss one point my grandma owned 3 houses because of the loan process. Everybody thought that was funny except her! :)

  2. Hi Sarah, new reader here! I do like where I currently live and I woul dread packing up to move ( just because of all the "stuff" we've accumulated over the years). I love your dogs. I also have a retriver ( and is that a weimaraner?) I have one of those too. Good luc with your move. It will be great to be in for Christmas!

  3. Love this! I want to hear more about your house - how many BA/BD? I am sooo excited at the possibility of MULTIPLE bathrooms here too! We've always just had ONE all the years we've lived together (going on six years). So many exciting possibilities - you put it best... carpets to spill on, walls to paint, people to meet! Super excited!