Friday, December 6, 2013


Alright, I realize most of you think we are nuts. HOWEVER, we just ordered 5 chicks! They won't be delivered until the second week of April (due to the lovely Minnesota winters they don't ship small numbers of chickens in the we selected the first week that we could given our location and weather). We have ordered 3 Black Australorp and 2 Golden Buffs. Both chickens are known for being ridiculously hardy and known to withstand both the extreme cold and the heat (which for northern Minnesota is AWESOME!).

We have lots to learn about raising chickens. I am jazzed, Marc is excited, Dakota is going to go nuts - now to somehow train her to like chicks. I have already begun reading about everything that I need to know about chicks and eventually chickens. This gives us a few months to get settled into the new house and to build the coop. I am certain y'all will have to deal with copious amounts of posts about chickens in the future. It is happening & it will be AWESOME!

Go ahead and google image search for: Black Australorp and Golden Buff - to see an image of them. Fear not, I will post 12,001 pictures of them when they arrive. I AM EXCITED.

Have you ever raised chickens?
Any advise for raising chickens?
Do you think we are nuts?


  1. I've never had chickens, but my Great Grandparents had a farm complete with chickens, cows, pigs, and the whole 9 yards - so I definitely do not think you are crazy! :0)