Sunday, December 8, 2013

Six Months as a Mrs.

The Wonderful Things:


    • so I totally thought the 3 stall attached garage was excessive and totally unnecessary until we put in it: 2 kayaks, 5 bikes (3 are Marcs, 2 are mine), camping gear on these built in shelves, the hopes of building a dog kennel, snow shoes, skies, sleds, and a snowboard

    • attached garage = brilliant - love love love having it attached - I was clueless on how wonderful this really is

    • yes, I hope to get pictures of our house up soon

    • so thankful to have my stuff back - I was getting annoyed at only having one pan, minimal clothes, no couch or sewing machine - first world problems indeed 

      • really the major thing I missed was my winter coat


    • we were fine with one bathroom when it was just Marc and I at my house but it always was LESS than idea when there was guests (my parents, brother, brother's girlfriend, and Marc's mom) - seriously someone was always waiting to pee

    • here comes testing the water heater

  • I love that my neighbors are not able to see in my windows while sitting on their couch (note previous house was this way)

  • I found a chicken coop plan that I love and we have all the materials we need to build it and so we are totally planning to build a chicken coop this winter

    • Yes, I realize this project could totally flop

    • No, we aren't getting the chickens until spring

    • Yes, I know it is weird to want chickens

    • No, we aren't getting 12,000 chickens, I plan on ordering 5 (assuming 1 will die in route)

    • Yes, I am excited

    • No, you can't crush my dreams on this one

    • Yes, I know someday I will have to kill them and eat them

      • seriously doesn't bother me

      • yes, I seriously still plan on naming the chickens

      • no, I don't want your advise unless it is actually helpful - I don't care that you think chickens are dumb

The Things No One Warns You About:

  • blending holiday traditions can be hard sometimes and takes way more communication than you anticipate - who knew we both really cared about what went on the Christmas tree and how many decorations go on the Christmas tree

    • my advise: over communicate

  • Potlucks that require you to sign up for what you are bringing royally suck 

    • Marc's work has some strange deal that turns potlucks into everything but the "pots luck" - they have a sign up sheet to note what others are bringing - sometimes there is even a theme and things that "must" be brought - and according to the "rules" once some one signs up for something you "can't" - I sign up for things as soon as I can so that I can do what I plan - Marc doesn't see the same importance - so twice in the last month we got caught "bringing the same thing" as someone else - blah blah blah - it's annoying

    • yes, we've talked about it and we have come to an agreement on this whole potluck deal

    • potlucks the day before you move really blow

  • laundry isn't my favorite chore and it is now doubled

    • yes, Marc does help with laundry both the washing and the folding, which I appreciate and tell him that I appreciate

The Miscellaneous Things:

  • Unpacking has been great because I have actually been going through things as we unpack and have gotten rid of a ton of stuff

  • the lack of a fenced in yard for Dakota currently sort of sucks because we can't just send her out the back door and have her run lake a crazy pup, rather we have to tie her to something - who knows what she'd do if she wasn't tied down - definitely on the spring to - do list

  • If you haven't seen the movie "The Internship" - we watched it the other day and thought it was a wonderful movie for a rental (we redboxed it)

  • I am LOVING being a little bit out in the country - Marc is loving being a little bit out in the country - Dakota is fairly certain she has died and gone to heaven


  1. I don't think chickens are dumb - I think that is a brilliant idea! NOTHING beats fresh eggs. Nothing!!!!

  2. On sign ups, I always write surprise

  3. Chickens aren't dumb! Fresh raised are better (Or so I've heard). Also, for me and Jake's first Christmas, we had issues, too. We used, basically all of his ornaments and I didn't have any. It felt like his tree. SO, we got new ornaments, but we DO have a few from our old families that we still hang. But, it's mostly OUR tree now.