Friday, November 15, 2013

I'm Leaving On A Jet Plane

Oh, my bags are packed, I am ready to go.......

Okay, so I can't resist a little John Denver every once in a while.
But it is true, my bags are packed, and I am ready to go. We are on our way back home today. The Mears shuttle will pick us up and take us to the airport and then I am one direct flight away from MSP, where I will take another shuttle to town, and my husband will eventually pick me up.

I am thankful I opted for the shuttle both from home to the airport (2.5ish hour drive depending on traffic) and from the Orlando airport to the hotel. I am thankful that I can sleep on the shuttle if I want, which really on the way down here sleeping on the shuttle was key, since I had to board my first shuttle at 1:15 am. Plus I didn't have to worry about/ pay for parking and what not. Today I give thanks for shuttle drivers.

It will be wonderful to be home to:

  • See Marc and Dakota
  • sleep in my own bed
  • to go back to a routine
  • to look at all of our pictures on photopass
    • plus I enjoy being able to edit them and add borders and what not
    • and let me not forget MAGIC pictures - sooooooooo fun - I always make it my goal to get a bunch of those
  • to upload all of my pictures and be able to spend time editing the
    • and to finally finish off my Coast to Coast shutterfly book - I have the first half completed and it is now just waiting for the second half of the book
  • be able to wash my clothes
    • stinky race clothes get even stinkier if not washed immediately, I am thankful for my wetbag which contains most of the smell
  • to go back to work 
    • I actually really enjoy my colleagues, the people who I get to walk alongside, I miss my youth, and this weekend is a huge 50th anniversary celebration at church which should be wonderful 

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