Friday, November 8, 2013

Walt Disney Plans for today - Epcot

Today we have fast pass reservations on our magic bands for:
  • Test track - sooooo fun - I know this ride is pretty simple but I really do enjoy it and it always makes me think a bit about how they seriously test cars
  • Mission Space - not my favorite ride - however my friends are pretty jazzed so I will go along for the ride
  • Soarin - love love love this ride - I think it would be sweet if they would do this ride to other states as well - add in all the locations where there is a Disney location - Florida, Paris, etc

Our dinner reservations are at: Tokyo Dining(super excited about this)

Other highlights for me at Epcot include:
  • The land - seriously love, love, love this ride.
  • Wandering through the countries - sooooo much to explore.
  • Food & Wine festival - this is the first time I have been here for it!Illuminations - ahhhhhh this show does my soul good

I am jazzed to be on vacation - despite being a little sad I am away from home. It feels wonderful to disconnect from work a little, it always takes a few days to unwind from work before I can completely relax.

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Really, I am taking most of my photos on my Nikon point and shoot and on my Nikon D300.
[Post trip there will be some serious photo dumping]

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