Friday, November 8, 2013

Five Months as a Mrs.

We celebrate five months with Marc in Minnesota and I am in Florida.

The Wonderful Things:
    • REJOICE, we got an offer we could accept and we jumped on it. WHOOP WHOOP and we couldn't be more excited -- we close hopefully November 21 - however there is a chance it will be pushed back a week
    • The house has lots of memories and is the first house I have ever owned and there are lots of things I love about that house - note to self - take a ton of photos before you move out
    • I love that it is only five minutes from work
    • we offered and they ACCEPTED it without countering! 
    • seriously overjoyed and can't wait to show you pictures
    • best part: we close November 21 -- however if our current house gets pushed back a week so will this house - we managed to pull off a simultaneous close
    • I can't wait to finish the basement and paint and have 2.5 acres of land that butts up to a state park. GLORIOUS.
    • We will now be driving 15 minutes to work 
    • We will be in the new house by Christmas - I can't wait to show our families the new house
    • I am totally getting chickens ASAP (I fear they won't ship them to Minnesota in the dead of winter)
    • It has an attached garage which is much bigger and more stable than our current garage that I have been praying that the neighbors large tree would fall on
The Things No One Warns You About:
  • Potlucks at the other person's work are lame - Marc's work loves potlucks and they do them all the time which is awesome for him - not so awesome for me who ends up preparing food and never getting to eat it
    • we also have begun a 72 hour warning required for all potlucks if you want to bring something other than doritos or whatever I can pull out of the cupboards - I don't make brownies on a Wednesday night after getting home from a long day 
  • Moving is stressful and takes ridiculous amounts of communication - don't accidentally pack something up that you shouldn't (like assuming that all playstation 3 remotes are created equal - there is a beloved remote - and if you leave one out and assume it is the same as the others and it is the wrong one - you will get to dig to the back of the storage unit to find the beloved remote)
The Miscellaneous Things:
  • I am in Walt Disney World currently (Whoop Whoop) and jazzed about running the Wine and Dine Half Marathon to earn my Coast to Coast medal.
  • Marc is at home working (and hopefully finishing packing)
  • I am caught up on my shutterfly books other than our wedding (and this trip obviously, I am only taking about 12,000 photos an hour)
  • I LOVE fall and all things pumpkin flavored, I have already started stashing cans of libbies pumpkin stuff so I can eat pumpkin flavored stuff all year - such delights shouldn't be limited to a month or two out of the year


  1. Envious on the whole house with space ans land. Having to pray about being content in our 1000 sq ft condo/apartment. But the moving process does burn ones cheese