Wednesday, November 6, 2013


In less than 24 hours I will be on a plane headed to Orlando. I actually get on a shuttle to the airport tomorrow morning at 1:15 am. (Yes, I know it is ridiculously early, however this way I can sleep the whole way there and then function the rest of the day.)

I am attempting to focus on packing up my house (hopefully we will close on our house less than 5 days after my return from WDW)  - however my mind is beginning the transition to vacation. Whoop whoop.

I also am trying to figure out what things I have forgotten to throw in my suitcase. I always pack a few random things that I am often thankful I have such as:

  • a couple of rain ponchos 
    • the super cheap ones from target that work perfectly for one time use, are super easy to throw in my bag to have for when the Florida rains occur
  •  a power strip
    • When sharing a room with three other people there never seem to be enough outlets a night when we all want to charge: our phones, cameras, and who knows what else
  • a box of granola bars
    • I like to throw one in my bag each morning so that when we have a late meal I can snack on one and not have to buy an actual snack, plus it is easy to eat while in line for thing, and a box of granola bars are much cheaper than having to buy something in the parks every time
  • extra sd cards for my cameras
    • I would rather pack a couple more than I actually think I will need than to run out and have to buy one in the parks
  • a copy of all my travel documents and a copy of my drivers license
    • crap happens - enough said
  • advil
    • you just never know when you will need it

PLUS I need to:

  • preach tonight
  • teach catechism (which I actually love)
  • finish cleaning off my desk
    • it always feels sooooooo good to leave for vacation with a (mostly) clean desk - despite the fact that often when I return there is a whole new pile of things that have grown on my desk
  • hang out with my youth group kids
    • love these kids
  • hide my notes and surprises all over my house for my husband
  • give some extra snuggles to my favorite puppy (I seriously don't know how I existed without her in my life, I love my dog, I have become that crazy lady).

I will board the shuttle here in town at 1:15 am( totally ridiculous but I sleep well in motion). It was the only option to make my flight on time if I didn't want to drive myself.

My flight out of MSP is at 8, I am hoping I maybe able to catch the earlier flight because I will be at the airport so early. I have a direct flight to Orlando. We'll see how this plays out.

I have reservations on the Mears shuttle to take me to our hotel where I plan on meeting up with the rest of our crew.

We have reservations at Tony's for dinner.

Sooooooooo excited!!!

Anything random that you always pack when you are going to Disney that I should throw in my bag?

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  1. Aaaahh!! It's finally here! I hope you have a fabulous time and a great race!!