Tuesday, November 19, 2013

A totally random post....

I feel like I am in a weird season of life right now. The highlights:

  • We are moving on December 5, originally it was suppose to be this week Thursday, but due to the governemental shut down we were pushed back. Sooooo due to the move supposed to be happening this week literally the only things in our house are: our matress & box spring, the TV, wii, a laundry hamper of clothes a piece, 2 spoons, 2 forks, 2 knives, 2 plates, 2 bowls, 1 pan, 1 spatula, Dakota's crate, Dakota's dog bowls, an empty dresser in the front room (the storage unit is PACKED), a mostly empty refrigerator, and a hodgepodge box of dried food. While this will make moving easy on the 5th, it is slightly annoying right now and it totally isn't worth it to unpack the unit to get to the useful things. (Seriously packed and I am afraid if we take anything out it won't go back in)
    • I am overjoyed we are moving - just annoyed at the interum
  • I don't have another race on the calendar until the Fargo Half Marathon in mid-May. I also don't have the vacation (or the cash) to spend to go somewhere warm to run in the winter months (plus this means I don't have to put ridiculous amounts of miles in on the treadmill midwinter, which I am thankful for). I need to work on some serious training goals over the winter months.
  • Work is going amazingly well, we are currently massively ramping up for the advent season. However, it feels like we were already going at a sprint. This past weekend we celebrated 50 years in our current location and 134 years in ministry and mission. It was awesome, and a ton of work.
  • I am loving twitter, blogging, and instagram. I seem to go in phases where I use these a lot and hardly at all. Currently in a season of plenty.
  • I am annoyed all of my yarn and needles accidentally got packed up (refer to the first bullet point)
  • See previous bullet point, which has lead me to do a lot of reading (not a bad thing) - anyone have any book suggestions, or even better a series suggestion
  • I am thrilled about moving houses, and annoyed with it at the same time (see bullet point number 1)
  • I love pinterest. end story.
  • I have several shutterfly projects I need to work on: update 2013, finish my coast to coast book, and make my wedding book. I love shutterfly.

What is going on in your neck of the woods?
Any book series you would like to recommend?

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