Friday, September 6, 2013

Wine and Dine Training

This week has been a marvelous week of training and the weather has really cooperated! Makes a huge difference in terms of my runs (or so it feels when I am not over the top hot). I am contemplating adding some strength training into my workouts/adding them at another point in the day a couple days a week. I also would love to move to five days of running a week, but my knees argue otherwise and remind me that running 5 days a week isn't an option.

These August and September days I am relishing in the glory of being outside, I know these days are numbered for sure, fingers crossed we don't get snow until at least mid-October. (Oh the joys of living up north)

August 30: 65 minute run
                 35 minute bike ride
August 31: rest
September 1: 45 minute swim
September 2: Long run - 12 miles
September 3: 60 minute swim
September 4: 45 minute run
September 5: 75 minute run

Do you do strength training?
How many days a week do you run?
What are your favorite types of cross training?

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