Thursday, September 5, 2013

This Weekend

I just realized that this weekend is my introverted heaven.

Marc and I have had a couple of house guests living with us for the past three weeks, which has been marvelous for sure and without a doubt, however it does take some getting used to having two more adults living in our house. This weekend they are out of town for one reason or another and Marc is off to Madison, Wisconsin to volunteer and watch the IronMan race (which I am semi jealous that I don't get to go watch) - which leaves me home alone from Friday around noon till late Sunday night!!!! INTROVERTED HEAVEN.

Now, don't hear me wrong I don't totally have a free weekend, Friday night I do have a camp out with a bunch of church families and Sunday morning is booked full with church stuff, but Saturday from when I leave the camp out until Sunday when I show up to work - unless there is some type of an emergency - I wouldn't have to see another human being unless I wanted to.

I have begun a list of the things I hope to do:

  • Laundry
    • lights
    • darks
    • sheets
    • towels
    • rugs
  • deep clean the bathroom
    • bleach everything down
    • vinegar the tub (we have a jetted tub which we rarely actually take advantage of but they said to run a vinegar solution through the tub every so often to clean it out)
  • deep clean the living room
    • can you say doggy hair palooza
  • write some snail mail
    • I have four snail mail letters I am hoping to write
    • I LOVE sending snail mail
  • Baby Gifts
    • Apparently after the countless weddings I have attending in the past several years my friends are now moving onto babies rather than weddings
      • and I like to make baby gifts
    • I am hoping to make some:
      • pacifier clips
      • headbands
      • hats
      • fabric alphabet
      • appliqued onesies
  • Make freezer food
    • I want to freeze a couple batches of cookies just to have on hand for potlucks and other such things or when guests show up unexpectedly
    • I want to make some freezer burritos for quick meal options
    • I want to freeze up a couple of loaves of bread as well
      • banana, pumpkin, and who knows what else
  • shutterfly
    • finish Summer Ministries
    • catch up on 2013
    • start my wedding album
  • Run errands around town
    • deposit my paycheck
    • pay bills
    • pick up my wedding dress from the cleaners (which has been done for a couple weeks but I keep forgetting)
    • return some random things to Menards
      • parts of projects we bought too much of or didn't need
  • Watch movies while cleaning and doing projects
    • I have Anna Karenina coming on netflix
    • I am borrowing Les Mes from a friend
    • and I plan on going to the library Friday while I am out and about just to make sure I don't want something else too
    • I also have netflix live streaming (I love this feature)
  • I also am planning on going on a couple of good runs and getting a swim in
I realize this is a long list and some of it won't get accomplished, however it is my goal to see how much I can get done.


What are you up to this weekend?
What are in your plans?
Do you like weekends to yourself or dread them?

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