Sunday, September 8, 2013

Three Months as a Mrs.

The Wonderful Things:
  • This month has been wonderful because I have actually been home for most of it! While away we have learned the joys of communication and doing our best but it just isn't the same as being home - not to forget when I was in SD for one trip I didn't even have cell service
  • Dakota is over the top in love with having the two of us in the house - double the people to pet her and to let her roam wherever she wants - she has Marc trained to share his food at lunch and dinner
  • Summer is WONDERFUL - we have been loving camping, swimming, biking, and running outside - our goal is to be outside as much as possible

The Things No One Warns You About:
  • the process of changing your name still sucks - I know it just takes time but I had no clue how much stuff my name was on
  • every once in a while when I am caught off guard and go to introduce myself I still use my maiden name out of habit
  • scheduling things is hard with two people - we have two schedules to blend together - some days it flows easily and other days it makes me want to scream
  • I am not in love with the process of selling our house - however I totally look forward to a new house

The Miscellaneous Things:
  • selling your house is stressful (yes, I know everyone already knows this I am just reconfirming it)
    • it always has to be clean
    • you always wonder if it is going to sell (which my luck it won't sell until next spring)
    • you always are eyeing houses online thinking that it would be fun to see and potentially live in
    • it's annoying to have to be out of your house for periods of time
  • I am getting more and more jazzed for Wicked (Oct. 5) - should be a wonderful weekend
  • we dropped cable tv and we have netflix - we LOVE IT - we watch way less tv and when we do there are PLENTY of tv shows on netflix
    • we love that we don't have to watch commercials
    • we love that we get to watch movies without having to go to the movie place and rent them or hope that the redbox has what we want
    • we love that we can watch part of a movie or tv show on instant streaming and if we don't finish it netflix saves where we are in the movie and will restart it at that point
    • we also love that it gives us suggestions based off of other things that we have watched - we have found many a good movie off of netflix suggestions that we otherwise wouldn't have watched

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  1. After having the luxury of cable while staying at my mothers house...I came to the conclusion that I am not missing much. Since we moved to the east, its just been netflix and our rabbit ears.