Monday, September 9, 2013

Reality of this weekend

This was the original list of things I had hoped to get done - the type in red is what actually happened. All things considered I am fairly impressed I got as much done as I did. I did also have a house showing Saturday and met with a family regarding the funeral I did today.
  • Laundry - DONE
    • lights - DONE
    • darks - DONE
    • sheets - DONE
    • towels - DONE
    • rugs - DONE
  • deep clean the bathroom- DONE
    • bleach everything down - DONE
    • vinegar the tub (we have a jetted tub which we rarely actually take advantage of but they said to run a vinegar solution through the tub every so often to clean it out) - DONE
  • deep clean the living room- DONE
    • can you say doggy hair palooza - DONE
  • write some snail mail - Didn't get to this sadly
    • I have four snail mail letters I am hoping to write
    • I LOVE sending snail mail
  • Baby Gifts
    • Apparently after the countless weddings I have attending in the past several years my friends are now moving onto babies rather than weddings
      • and I like to make baby gifts
    • I am hoping to make some:
      • pacifier clips - got two made
      • headbands -I didn't get to it
      • hats - I made two baby hats
      • fabric alphabet - DONE - this took longer than I anticipated but LOVE how they turned out in the end 
      • appliqued onesies
  • Make freezer food - Didn't get to any of this - stink!
    • I want to freeze a couple batches of cookies just to have on hand for potlucks and other such things or when guests show up unexpectedly
    • I want to make some freezer burritos for quick meal options
    • I want to freeze up a couple of loaves of bread as well
      • banana, pumpkin, and who knows what else
  • shutterfly
    • finish Summer Ministries - DONE
    • catch up on 2013 - I am caught up through June so now to do July and August (I am WAY pokey when it comes to shutterfly - it takes me forever)
    • start my wedding album - It is started - it isn't very far along but it is started - picking out the theme took a while as well - I also had to upload a bunch of pictures which I got done
  • Run errands around town
    • deposit my paycheck - DONE
    • pay bills - DONE
    • pick up my wedding dress from the cleaners (which has been done for a couple weeks but I keep forgetting) - DONE
    • return some random things to Menards - DONE
      • parts of projects we bought too much of or didn't need
  • Watch movies while cleaning and doing projects
    • I have Anna Karenina coming on netflix - DONE
    • I am borrowing Les Mes from a friend - didn't get the movie from a friend - this is still on the list
    • and I plan on going to the library Friday while I am out and about just to make sure I don't want something else too - I didn't get a movie I got a couple of books instead
    • I also have netflix live streaming (I love this feature) -  I just discovered "Orange is the New Black" LOVE IT! Totally recommend this show
  • I also am planning on going on a couple of good runs and getting a swim in - I was only able to get one run in due to it being monsoon season here apparently - I did also get in two super long swims

I am calling this weekend a success for sure! I love having introverted days where I can just cross stuff off a list and get it done! I did also have a camping trip with thirty or so people from my congregation. We had such a marvelous time despite the ridiculously HOT weather.

How was your weekend? 
What did you do this weekend?


  1. I love our freezer burritos. Nice because I can eat them if I'm by myself or just Bryant and I. It's a good choice!

  2. You had a super productive weekend!! Way to get so many things accomplished!