Friday, August 23, 2013

Wine and Dine Training

I want to go buy a ton of new running clothes as of lately. I feel like everywhere I look I have seen a ton of fun workout clothes. Seriously, I don't need any of it. I have 10,000 race shirts to run in and plenty of my favorite shorts to run in. I. Don't. Need. It. It does seem however that a ton of fun colors and patterns are coming out these days. I. Will. Resist. We are paying down student loan debt and want it gone asap. Will. Resist. Fun. Running. Clothes.

August 16: 45 minute run
August 17: 5 mile run
                  afternoon water skiing (seriously a work out and my legs and shoulders hurt from it)
August 18: 30 mile bike ride
August 19: 1.5 mile swim at the ymca
August 20: 45 minute run
August 21: 7 mile run
August 22: 1 hour swim


  1. It's hard I definitely agree! Great job on doing the responsible thing!! :0)

  2. You have much better self control than I running/ yoga clothes collection is getting out of control! I've already decided that when I get back from Disneyland I need to go through stuff and donate some of the stuff I don't use much.