Monday, August 26, 2013

Summer 1 at Camp Vanasek

We. Have. Survived. (Almost)

Summer is almost over. While I hate to wish summer goodbye this summer was nuts! A midst everything else going on this summer I co-directed a camp with a friend of mine.

Several things we learned this summer while working at camp:

  • Some people are amazing - some people clean up after themselves, are polite, have great manners, and are generally fun to work with
  • Some people require extra grace - by yelling at me or trying to triangulate me against my friend you aren't earning any brownie points and I feel no obligation to do what you want 
  • New management means things are different - yes we know things were different in the past - yes we know change is hard - deal with it - don't yell at us - most of the changes come from the board of directors 
  • people don't read contracts - if you are contracted from a certain time to a certain time we mean it - we probably have a group coming in after you and we want to be able to clean up from the previous group before you arrive - we have reasons for the times we contracted you for - we aren't trying to ruin your life and screw with your vacation
  • has "how to" videos for everything
    • how to fix a leaky sink
    • how to check a sewage system
    • how to rewire things
    • Thank God for youtube and our friends who actually are professionals and fix what we mess up
  • we have the world's best friends and family who help us when we are in over our heads
    • we always knew this but this summer reconfirmed it
  • We love seeing the joy on people's faces when they experience camp with their friends and family
    • there is something amazing about watching a group home swim without having to worry about others 
    • there is something amazing about watching kids learn to fish
    • there is something amazing (and hilarious) about teaching kids to canoe
    • there is something sacred about families disconnect from electronics and spend time together

Do you have a favorite summer camp?
Where does your family go to spend time together?

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