Thursday, August 22, 2013

Baked Peaches

I am certain many of you have seen the baked peaches recipe going around pinterest lately. We decided to give them a try because we LOVE peaches. The original recipe calls for one tablespoon of butter (we put a thin slice of butter) and one tablespoon of brown sugar and then bake at 350 degrees until warm.

While vague at best as to how long to bake them and confused by exactly what they should looked like we went for it anyways. We baked ours for probably twelve minutes at 350 degrees. We took them out of the oven and ate them up.

Result: Pinterest success. They are actually really good, it is sort of like eating peach pie but not quite. I definitely wouldn't put the full tablespoon of butter, the thin slice of butter was more than plenty to give the peaches just a little bit of flavor and I don't think I will use as much brown sugar next time.

Twelve minutes at 350 degrees seemed to be plenty to get nice and warm peaches.

I didn't read the instructions fully to see that we also were suppose to sprinkle cinnamon on the peaches, I am sure that would also add to it - I just happened to space it out. Overall, we are marking this one in the books as a victory and to eat again soon. Not to mention they were husband approved.

I love peach season and can't eat enough of them this time of year. It makes me wish I live somewhere warmer where I could have a peach tree or two in my backyard, but for some reason peaches don't love northern Minnesota. Drats.

On with peach consumption......

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