Thursday, August 8, 2013

Two months as a Mrs.

The Wonderful Things:
  • It is still funny to hear Marc say "my wife" or introduce me to someone has "his wife"
  • We booked flights for our trip to Mexico in January! SUPER EXCITED.... 
    • I hate buying airline tickets I never know when to buy them and when to wait and if the prices are going to drop
    • I buy the tickets and then refuse to look to see where the prices have gone since I bought them
  • Marc and I went camping with a couple of our friends last weekend at Itasca
    • I LOVE camping, I LOVE camping with Marc, Dakota, and friends
    • I LOVE sleeping in a tent
    • I LOVE being outside
    • I LOVE state parks
  • My family (Mom, Dad, Cubby, Allison, Marc, & I) are going to Hawaii next summer
    • Yes, I realize this is a long long ways off however - I. AM. JAZZED.
    • We are lame and it takes us this long to coordinate 6 different schedules
  • I really did marry a gentleman
    • sometimes it drives me nuts because I am very much an independent spirit and I am working on letting him take care of me 
    • he had to run me stuff stuff this past month at the hospital while I was staying with a friend and he is ridiculously thoughtful - packed everything I needed plus some (snacks, my iPad, cellphone charger)
  • Marc and I have been reading the book "As For Me and My House" by Walter Wangerin
    • A book the church I serve gives out to each couple after completing the pre-marriage retreat
    • So far I totally recommend it for all married couples or engaged couples - we are only about half way through at this point
    • Reason we are only half way through: We have had so many fabulous conversations about the things we are reading it is wonderful
The Things No One Warns You About:
  • It sucks to change your name
    • I don't know if something as listed with my maiden name or my married name and I think people think I am crazy and have lost my mind
    • Annoying to change your name - this process should be much easier
    • I still have lots of stuff that needs my name changed - why can't this be easier - you should be able to do some of it online but everyone seems to want a copy of our marriage certificate and blah blah blah - I get some people need it for things like: drivers license, social security card, passport - but my library card nees a copy of my marriage license?! Seriously people
  • I feel like I stutter step when I am signing my name to something as I try to figure out how to write my new last name - funny what happens when 29 years of practicing my old name goes down the drain
    • maybe I should have been "that girl" and practiced writing my new name 12.78 million times and filled a notebook
  • It is strange when you are accustom to living alone and stuff gets moved around the house and you no longer have any clue where things are that you know you left in a particular place - makes me laugh when I know I left something out and it is already put away
    • the most frequent item I miss is my water glass - I usually just drink water out of the same glass all day and then put it in the dishwasher at the end of the day - sometimes when Marc is picking up around the house (which I totally appreciate) my water glass ends up in the dishwasher and I spend a bit looking for where I left it - it is a funny phenominon to me. 
  • Your laundry greatly increases when you get married
    • Okay, so I knew I would have more laundry and I knew that another person in the house would double my laundry I am not totally spacey - however - I don't think I really ever thought through it - one or two loads of laundry a week no longer does all my laundry - I now have to be much more intentional about when I do laundry - it takes longer

The Miscellaneous Things:
  • I am almost done with summer ministries stuff - and it was an amazing summer but an exhausting one
    • I am happy to be home for a while
  • I haven't ironed in years unless I am making something with fabric (quilt, bag, skirt, stole) and Marc loves to iron - it is strangely delightful - my clothes get ironed much more frequently - I am not certain why they need ironed but apparently Marc enjoys ironing
  • Our "thank you" notes are DONE
    • It was my goal to have them finished before we had been married 2 months - SUCCESS
    • I actually really really like writing thank you notes and sending snail mail so this really wasn't that much of a chore for me it was more just sitting down and writing copious amounts of them at the same time and forcing myself to stay inside and write them rather than playing outside


  1. My paypal account still uses my maiden name. It's been 9 worries! HAHA:)

  2. 2 months already! Wow!
    Agree with the above...I've been married 6 years and I JUST changed my paypal account over to my married name! Haha!
    I love that he likes to iron...we don't iron often at all!