Wednesday, August 7, 2013

On Selling Our House.....

Dear potential buyers,
    Thank you for considering our house as your future house. It really is a great house and there is a piece of me that is really sad to have it for sale. We have a wide variety of reasons that we have the house for sale. A few things I would like to note while you tour my house. First, we live there, all the time, we make it work for you to come and tour our house whenever you want: meal times, early morning, late evenings, over our lunch break, and whenever else you have decided to come. We make it work when you give us twenty four hours notice and five minutes. When you give us a little bit of notice: our bed is made, the house is picked up, the dishes are put away (or in the dishwasher), the kitchen is clean, we have probably even swept up the dog hair, and Dakota is in her kennel outside. When you give us five minutes notice chances are: there maybe dishes in the sink, our bed will probably be made (we do make it about 85% of the time), the kitchen will be relatively clean, and Dakota will most likely bark at you as she lives in the kennel in the house unless it is a beautiful day outside. It is what happens, we can't always run home to clean up quick and move the dog, we have full time jobs, we have lives, sometimes we are even out of town. We try. Honest. We want our house to sell.
    When you give us your response on our house through your Realtor please do not make comments about the bed not being made, the dog in her kennel, and the dishes in the sink (it was two cereal bowls - did that seriously effect your decision). If you buy our house those things will all be gone and you are free to do with the house as you'd like. If you decide you are going to make an offer on our house (my heart will skip a beat and rejoice) please make it reasonable, your offer at less than a third of the asking price won't even be considered. We have a mortgage we have to pay off. We have put a ton of work into that house to make it what it is, we aren't even going to take you seriously if you give us a ridiculous offer, offer us something we can work with, please.
    I pray this house will be filled with wonderful memories for you as it has been for us. I pray you will gather at your kitchen table and laugh and tell stories with your family, I pray life will be good to you and that you will paint the walls to your liking and you will transform the house into a home for your family as well. I pray that you will have more laughter than tears and that when you lay your heads down at night you will find great rest. I pray that you will find friends in the community and that you will love each and every day in that house, currently our home.

  the people living in the home currently

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  1. The complaints you have received are RIDICULOUS! Two cereal bowls? ha. Man. Selling a house sounds tough.