Tuesday, August 13, 2013

That Moment When......

Today, was full of things that I am going to label "That Moment When...." - while nothing horrible or even major happened it was full of "that moment when" type moments.

That Moment When:
  • I wanted to be able to call up my WTS classmates and say "Let's meet at Los Aztecas for lunch and a margarita. It has been a long morning already and I need time with you all."
  • I wanted to throw my computer out my office window after I restarted it for the 18th (literally) time today because it wasn't doing what it was suppose to be doing
  • I wish and longed for an easier way to pay off debt rather than slowly but surely (it student loan debt and we just want it gone)
  • I wanted to be able to call a friend who has been distant as of lately - and it is hard when I have sent countless facebook messages, made many a calls and left messages, and have text frequently - with no response
  • I wanted to meet up with friends for dinner or drinks afterwards - just to shoot the breeze and catch up on life 
    • distance sucks
  • I wanted to go back to summer 2005 and spend time with that group of people
  • I wanted to know if/when (it is beginning to feel more like an if at this point) our house will ever sell so that I can try to plan some time to move and I knew if I could dream about other houses or other places to live or if I shouldn't even be looking (I look at houses online about once a week in the pipe dream hope that our house sells)
  • I daydream about having a "traditional" job with 8:00am - 5:00pm hours with weekends and major holidays off
  • I wished my to-do list was finished
  • I wanted the camp I am co-directing to run itself
I did also have several great moments:
  • I crossed many a thing off my to-do list
  • I booked a flight for my favorite continuing education event and it was only $208 and it is a direct flight and the time of the flights are awesome (I didn't even know amazing flights at a decent price existed anymore)
  • I thought I had to write a sermon for this weekend and my colleague is actually doing it (this saves some serious time - I do enjoy preaching it is just a matter of budgeting my time to give it what it deserves)
  • I went on a fabulous run tonight with my favorite golden retriever
  • I books a group campsite for a group from our church to go camping the first weekend in September
    • and I have people who are interested in going 
    • this is a first of this type of event for our church
  • I got into the mission trip site & the week I was hoping for for next summer 
    • it is crazy how early you have to book this crap
  • We served our 1,000 pb&j sandwich (sack lunch w/ veggies, sandwich, fruit, and whatever else we put in them) during operation sandwich with the aid of over 450 volunteers
    • take that hunger - take that people who said there wasn't a need - take that people who repeatedly told us we will fail - eat up kids!

How is your day going?
Do you ever have "that moment when"?
What was the best thing that happened today?

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  1. Sounds like your "good" list totally kicked the other list in the booty! That's a LOT to accomplish in a day and surely makes me feel like even more the procrastinator that I am. A few things on my good list today so far (it's only 2pm): i gathered all the motivation inside me that I could and exercised and my 15 month old has given me more kisses and hugs than I know what to do with. http://www.momistabeginnings.com