Thursday, August 15, 2013


This summer we embarked on an adventure in gardening (which beginning out we knew very little about). We (mostly Marc) built a fence around the garden, which has proven to be one of the most beneficial things we have done for the garden (keep my sweet puppy out of said garden). While we knew little of gardens we learned a few things: don't plant stuff so close together, weeds grow overnight, fresh produce is AMAZING! This year our success came in terms of 8 gallon zip lock bags full of raspberries in our freezer plus whatever we ate and we are about to have a TON of watermelon (which when it was all viney I was hoping was pumpkin but alas I will deal with delightful watermelon).

color on this picture is weird but they were tastey
start of watermelon

And a glimpse into dog-a-palooza at my house

Have you had success with gardening?
What have you gotten to grow?
What are your favorite things to grow?
Do you have a green thumb?

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