Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Senior High Mission Trip

A couple weeks ago I got to take a group of senior high students to Pine Ridge, South Dakota to live, serve, and grow. It was a MARVELOUS trip. I LOVE South Dakota and my heart hopes and prays that someday God will call us back there (don't get me wrong I am LOVING where I am at now but someday I would love to be a South Dakotan again). Below are a myriad of pictures from our trip, I have a ton more but tried to select a "best of" of sorts because who, other than my kids and me, want to look at 1,300 pictures from the week. Most of my kids had never been to SD so we did a whirlwind over view of western South Dakota hitting all the highlights: Wall Drug, Custer State Park, including the wildlife loop, Cooliage look out, Needles Highway, Sulvan Lake, Mt. Rushmore, and the badlands. The kids thought it was wonderful and it was so fun to see their excitement about a place my heart loves. Our time in Wanblee, South Dakota was just as spectacular, we had a blast meeting lots and lots of people, hearing stories of life on the reservation, and loving on people and being loved on by people. If I could take this same group of kids on every trip, I totally would, they were amazing! Life is indeed good. God is indeed great. 

Buffalo we saw on the wildlife loop in Custer State Park

Mt. Rushmore

I totally think my kid looks photoshopped in but he totally isn't

it's like herding cats at times
LOVE this group of kids and my fellow adults

soaking in the badlands

painting a house with the help of a kid from the community

38 foot scrap medal cross
inside of the cross

committed to cleanliness

one sweet little girl painted our fingernails


  1. Looks like a great time and an awesome cause! The scrap metal cross is awesome!