Wednesday, August 28, 2013

House for Sale.

Our house is still for sale. I knew it might take a while and in all honesty I didn't think it would sell quickly, I  knew it would be a while before someone would buy our house - what I didn't anticipate is how taxing it is to consistently have the house spotless and how accommodating we would have to be for people who call and say that they are sitting outside and want to see the house in five minutes. "Sure, I'd love to inhale whatever food is on my plate or take my plate with me - throw some dishes in the dishwasher - grab my dog and get out of my house for an hour while you walk through and then proceed to chit chat with your Realtor in my yard."

It will sell. I know it will. I am also beginning to believe it will sell in January in the dead of winter so that we have to move in the midst of ice, snow, and probably a blizzard. Okay, so currently I just have a sour taste in my mouth for all this house showing stuff and the house not selling. Not to mention a couple people have posted how their house went on the market and sold less than a week later (color me jealous). I also have watched a couple of great houses sell while waiting for ours to get a good offer so we can get onto something else. Blah.

I actually don't dread the actual packing up of stuff and moving it process (thanks seminary for training me well) (also I say this now when I don't actually have to pack stuff). I look forward to finding places for everything to go and to sorting through all my stuff and donating and pitching stuff we don't need.

Have you ever sold a house?
How do you feel about moving?

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