Sunday, August 18, 2013


Dear Oskar,
   I am sorry if you have developed a complex about your lack of golden/orange color - I blame the other three golden's who we have forced you to socialize with - if you need therapy, I understand. It's okay to be different. You however have also give the three large golden's a complex about being teacup size. Note, you aren't a lap dog, I know you want to be, I try to be,  and you love to snuggle up, but you may in fact weigh more than my human. My humans seem to like when we snuggle in close and allow them they joy of petting us. I think you have rejoiced at the cooler temps that have made their way through our area. I am sorry I laughed at your first attempts at swimming at the lake with us, I could see it in your eyes how much you longed to be swimming with us, but apparently you are much more of wader - you get just past your chest and not move another inch deeper, however you happily frolicked and chased the balls a midst the shallow water and played with me in the shallows.
    Speaking of water, I am impressed by your ability to drink your own weight in water, seriously, I am impressed. Never did I imagine how much water you could consume, well done wonderbernard, well done. You love the dog park, I am glad we could share such a fabulous place with you. You, like me, have the humans trained to brush me when they sit down outside - it does in fact feel delightful. You are great to have around, I love having four legged friends to play with all day. Congrats on rapidly training the humans in the house, particularly Marc, you nailed how to get him to share his food and save the butts of the bread for you, I am impressed at your speed of training the humans.
     I am saddened you will be leaving us this week, but I am sure your humans have missed you. I shall rejoice in our last couple of days playing together, come back and visit me soon.


  1. Hey Sarah-
    I love reading your posts, but a few of them lately haven't had the pictures come through like I am sure you hoped. They end up just being little white boxes.

    I just wanted to to know. You don't have to okay this comment!


    1. Oooooo I am glad you let me know.

      The strange thing is they show up on my computer at home and at work.

      Hmmm. I will do a little investigating.
      Keep me posted if they keep not appearing.

  2. This is so adorable!! Love it! (Love your new header by the way, too!)