Friday, August 16, 2013

Wine and Dine Training

Today, as I think about the Wine and Dine Half Marathon and running in general I desperately wish I had friends in town who ran. There are not really any running groups in town and I have tried asking several friends to join me running with no avail. There is a tri group here in town that trains together that my husband dabbles in but the problem there is they are REALLY serious about triathlons, they run Ironmans frequently and one of them has qualified for the Ironman in Kona this fall. They are ridiculously serious and WAY above my training level. I long for a group of people who run together.

I also have realized that if I am going to train well, I need to start getting up in the morning to run and workout. My evenings are consumed by meetings and I just want that chance to hang out with my husband if we have the opportunity. Yes, sometimes we do go for runs together, but he is definitely more focused on learning to swim so that he too can run triathlons, and I am excited for him and want to keep encouraging him to grow in his swimming skills.

Sooooo I have begun my adventures of getting up and workout out in the morning before work. I managed to make it happen this week - we'll see if I can pull off two weeks in a row. It just takes time for me to become accustom to it. Fingers crossed I will make it work.

August 9: 30 minute run with a friend
August 10: rest
August 11: 45 minute swim
                  30 minute run
August 12: 30 minute run
August 13: 60 minute swim
                  45 minute dog walk
August 14: 45 minute run
August 15: 6.5 mile run

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