Friday, August 30, 2013

Wine and Dine Training

I feel like this season of training I am getting better at cross training - on my off days of running I feel like I am actually still being active and getting in a decent workout while being able to keep up with the running. Some times when training I feel like my cross training or non running days can be fairly lame and limited to dog walks, while yes, I am still doing those I am loving that I am getting in some biking and swimming miles.

August 23: 45 minute bike ride
August 24: 75 Minute run
August 25: Swim
August 26-29: This weeks workouts come in a bit of a non traditional sense. No I am not racking up the miles in terms of running, but I am getting plenty of a work out - I am spending this week up in the BWCA -Boundary Waters Canoe Area - paddling and swimming and portaging canoes (actually a lot of work - but totally worth it). I will definitely post a full report when I get home.

Have you ever been to the BWCA? (I believe EVERYONE should go sometime - it is that awesome)
Do you like canoeing?
Where is your favorite place to canoe?
What races are you training for currently?

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