Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Wine and Dine Training

This week has also officially begun my training towards the Wine and Dine Half Marathon - my focus in terms of running has shifted to there. I am excited about this race being at the beginning of November, I am hoping that Mother Nature will play nice and I won't have to put many, if any miles in on the treadmill before this race. Now this is probably wishful thinking, but a girl can always dream, right?!

For my training plan for this race I am using Jeff Galloway's Disney Wine and Dine Half Marathon Training Program for improved time. I love that Jeff Galloway writes training programs for all the runDisney events and they are free! Whoop Whoop for free. I have used his programs in the past and have found them to work for me. I usually add in some cross training on the off days and try to take a least one day as my "easy day" each week. My schedule is ridiculous with church stuff, which complicates training a bit. I know for certain that I travel for a week with work and I am traveling with high schoolers, so it makes it quite the challenge to get in a run when I am surrounded by kids 24 hours a day for 7 days straight. Thankfully this week will fall early in my training.

The other week that I know I will be out of commission in terms of running is when a group of my friends and I head off to spend a week in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area. I will still get in plenty of a workout portaging canoes, hauling packs of stuff, setting up and tearing down camp, and paddling all over the place. Now this will also be balanced out with some swims in the lakes and naps in my hammock. A girl has to vacation from time to time too. Both this trip and the one with my kids should be okay as they aren't when  I should be putting in ridiculously long runs.

I am loving that my husband is slowly but surely beginning to run with me. While there are moments I am totally jealous because he picks up miles much faster than I do I am thankful for the long easy runs with Dakota and him. I still do go out on some runs with just Dakota, which is nice as well.

What programs do you like to use to train?

  • I have also used Hal Higdon's training programs and really enjoy those as well
  • I have attempted to mesh a bunch of plans and come up with something unique and creative and realize this isn't my best option

Do you write your own or follow any type of a system when training for a particular race?
How long do you like to have your training programs be?

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  1. Jeff Galloway's training plans are great! Yay for beginning training...that's one of my favorite times, when everything is fresh and new and exciting! Glad your husband is running with you, too! That's great...wish I could convince mine to do the same!