Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Grandpa's Run for the Walleye Race Report

This past weekend I ran Grandpa's Run for the Walleye 5k in Crosslake, Minnesota. It wasn't my best race ever, I wasn't over the top impressed with my results, however, I am thrilled to say that I did it. I am happy because my time is better than it was last year at this same race.

It is a well organized race and they seem to have their stuff in a group - they also have a big kid's race for the different age brackets. One thing that always annoys me with races is when they allow same day registrations to bump back the time of the race, start when you say you are starting. I know you want to get everyone you can registered but start when you say you are going to start.

This race is the first race in a three part race series - The Crosslake Run Series.
The next race is the Crosslake Dam run in August and the last race is the Crosslake Moster Dash in October.

Do you like to run 5k races?
Do you have a favorite race?

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  1. Yay for the time improvement...that's exciting! I know what you mean about races and allowing same day people to register, pushing back the race time. Super annoying!