Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Ordination Anniversary

Today I sit back and remember this day with great humility, I am thankful for the call to ordained ministry and I am humbled to serve in full time paid ministry. It is an honor and a joy, I give God thanks and praise for all the ways in which I have been led and guided and look forward to the future. I am posting a copy of my ordination photobook today. The video tape never got started to record the service, so I created this semi-lengthy photobook to capture and help me remember the day and the details of the day.

Hope you enjoy a glimpse into my ordination day.

Thanks be to God for the call to ordained ministry.


  1. Happy Anniversary Sarah! It takes a wonderful woman to step into the role of ministry and I'm proud to have you as a blog friend. :)

  2. How cool! So much respect for you!

    emma @ amomrunsthistown.com

  3. What a special memory!! Love the photobook...Happy Anniversary!

  4. Yeah! Happy Anniversary (A couple days late...I THOUGHT about you on the day...Does that count?) CONGRATS!