Friday, May 31, 2013

May Photo Dump

Soooooooo many wedding projects
these are some of the meal tags for the reception
Camp is now open and we have our first
payment for renting the camp!
Dakota has no clue she is a dog
My freshmen catechism class
I don't want to confirm them because I want to keep them in catechism
I have had a marvelous time with this class

Dakota loving the green grass

Applying for a marriage license
My fiance designed this sweet gate and fence to surround our garden
Goal: keep out Dakota and Rabbits
When remodeling the new men's side of the bathhouse
we realized a problem we hadn't considered
6 foot 4 inch men looking over the stalls

Fargo finisher Medals
I love my medal display that proudly hangs in my living room

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