Saturday, June 1, 2013

One Week

Warning: I have no clue what this week will entail in terms of posts however I am fairly wedding focused- sooooo brace yourself for probably an overdose of wedding related posts.

I am over the top excited. Seriously.
A week from today I will be getting married. I am jazzed.
I am super excited for the day and to marry Marc.
I am also beyond jazzed to be having a lot of my family (on both my mom and dad's side) and friends making the trek up north to bear witness to our marriage and then to help us celebrate. On my dad's side of the family there seriously hasn't been a wedding since I was 10 (we are talking 18 years ago) and on my mom's side of the family there was one more recently but I wasn't there the last one I attend I was a freshmen in high school (we are talking 14 or so years ago) so we all haven't really gathered in forever. My dad's side of the family had a big gathering a the turn of the century (13 years ago) and my mom's side of the family hasn't had a big gathering in a while.
Everyone is slowly but surely starting to trickle in this week. It will be wonderful. I can't wait to give everyone hugs and show them around my neck of the woods. I can't wait for my friends to gather and have friends from a wide variety of places gather together.I am excited to say the least.
This week I am going to attempt to work Monday-Thursday. Thursday will be easy because it is the kick off for our Summer Stretch Ministries and I love working with the middle schoolers, Monday-Wednesday could be rough though. We'll see what I can do and how well I can focus. Must. Focus. Must. Get. Work. Done.
YAY friends and family coming to town.
Notes to self:
  • turn in final numbers to the caterer
  • enjoy this week
  • enjoy time with family
  • remember: it will all turn out wonderfully and come together probably better than you anticipated

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  1. I think other than the fact you finally got married and can enjoy your new husband, all the family coming into town is just as great. I was actually a bit sad that I didn't get to participate in some activities after the wedding. That and the fact of being stretched so thin with everyone, you don't have enough time to really visit with them. I actually called a few friends on my wedding night, lol, wishing them traveling mercies.