Thursday, May 30, 2013


I love grilling season and I love that I have begun to get a little experimental with what I have Marc grill (he loves to man the grill - so I let him). I have slowly but surely been exploring all sorts of things such as marinades, seasonings for meat, kabobs, veggie pouches (veggies wrapped in tin foil with a little seasoning), potatoes, and whatever else I can figure out how to get cooked on the grill. I am in love and obsessed. Not to forget that it is ridiculously easy and for the most part takes VERY little prep time, other than thawing the meat - which in a bind I have found can be skipped (although it tastes better after the meat has been thawed first.

I know in theory you can grill all year round, however I feel horrible sending Marc out to grill when it could be mistaken for Antarctica outside - not to mention in the winter crock pot food is my favorite. I am apparently realizing that I am a seasonal eater.

Complaint: I wish my town had a great farmers market, we sort of have one, they call it that - however usually there are only one or two stands there and they are open at weird times - mid day on Tuesday and Sunday mornings, neither really works for me all that well. I miss Dubuque's Saturday morning farmers market.

What do you like to grill?
Do you have any grilling secrets your willing to share?
Do you grill often?


  1. I love to grill too...and I have a grill...but I'm afraid something's going to happen when I use it so I haven't used it in awhile. But I think its high time I do so :)

    1. Eh, grilling is pretty forgiving. I figure if I burn stuff I can always start over. I LOVE food off of the grill in the summer time.

  2. I LOVE grill food, too. We grill a lot of veggies, including squash (the yellow, long kind)...turnips, potatoes (not always in a pouch...Sometimes just sliced into thick chips). I also LOVE kabobs, but we don't have them often. My favorite thing to do with them is to simply marinate all the stuff in WishBone Italian dressing. Simple, yet satisfying! Have fun.