Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Ice Out date

My sweet lime green kayak taunts me every time I go into the garage
as she sits beautifully behind Dakota's travel kennel and some yard tools
Marc's kayak is on the ground below mine
I think (knock on wood) that spring/summer may have actually arrived in Northern Minnesota. We have FINALLY gotten rid of the ice on the lakes around here, I hear up north there are still a few lakes with a few remains of ice in them. I never ever would have predicted this late of an ice out date. Fishing opener was over a week ago and there were some very unhappy fishermen due to the amount of ice still on the lakes as their beloved boats sit on shore and they make plans for how to catch the largest walleye.

While I really don't care a whole lot about fishing, although I do appreciate when a friend shares a fish or two for me to grill up, I do care that the lakes and river gets warm enough so I can put my kayak in the water. I am willing to go out paddling when the water is cold but not sooooo cold that hypothermia creates a real fear and reality if I were to tip over for one reason or another. Every year it seems that someone goes out on the lakes too early, flips over for one reason or another, and dies of hypothermia. The threat is real and so I impatiently wait, my kayak taunting me every time I go into the garage. I have my rack on top of my car all ready to go at first word that the lakes have even slightly warmed up from freezing temps.

Fingers crossed by the end of the month or early next month we will be able to put our kayaks in the water and do some serious paddling.

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