Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Asics to Brooks

Asics betrayed me. They quit making my beloved shoes, the Asics Gel Frantic 5 in green and black version. I seriously wore through seven different pairs of this beloved shoe. I LOVE those shoes, I still have one pair that I have basically worn thin - however I refuse to get rid of them, I LOVE them and no longer run in them however I do still wear them to go shopping, or play at the park with my little cousins, or take a short hike. The bottoms are smooth as a babies bottom and I LOVE them. It is probably to the unhealthy point buuuutttttttt I LOVE those shoes.

Brooks Pure Cadence 
I tried a new pair of Asics and I don't love them, they are heavy and uncomfortable, I tried on about seven pairs of shoes in the store and these were the most comfortable. They aren't comfortable for a long run, they are fine if I am just walking the dog or doing something short, but the long runs in these shoes are out of the question.

I gave in and went online. I looked at the Asics options and wasn't impressed by anything. I decided to try a new brand, I looked at Nike, but those don't always fit amazingly well and often feel heavy on my feet. I have read a few reviews of the Brooks shoes, and have decided to give them a shot.

They aren't as heavy as the Asics I had been wearing, they fit fairly well, they aren't my beloved Gel Frantic 5's after one run but I don't hate them like I did my Asics. I think with a few more runs, I may just come to love them as a new substitute for my beloved shoes.

The laces through me for a loop at first due to them not running directly down the middle of the shoe, it took me a minute to figure out what I thought about it. Once I had the shoe one it didn't even phase me. The arch support in this shoe is great. My most favorite thing about these shoes is they are SUPER light weight which is amazing!

I have several runs now under my belt in these new shoes and they are WONDERFUL for sure. They are ridiculously light and ridiculously wonderful! I am excited to run in these this weekend in the Fargo Half Marathon.

Have you ever fallen in love with a pair of shoes like this?
How do you pick out new shoes?
Are you brand loyal?
What brand do you prefer?


  1. You had to mention shoes...asics changed their sizing and I didn't fit into the exact same shoe, one year later. Terrible. I can't wear brooks because the toe bed is too big. I'm into saucony again. Gotta give the guys and gals at the Endurunance Shop in St. Cloud a chance. They know their shoes! I love them. I usually try on two pairs and am done. Hope you like these. Can't wait to see you!

    1. Asics is not on my nice list. Seriously annoyed but I am loving the new shoes, so I can't complain too much.

      I will have to keep St. Cloud in mind for sure. I will probably forget before I need another pair of shoes and you will have to remind me.

      Yes, it will be good to see you Friday!

  2. Bummer on not making your shoes anymore! Mizuno did this to me as well but I haven't had to search for new ones just yet!

    1. Start looking for new shoes early. Seriously, I wish I had started looking earlier than I did. Silly shoe companies don't they know our love for certain pairs of shoes!

  3. This blog post makes me feel less bad about that time you went shoe shopping with me and I took FOR.EV.ER. Ha. Sometimes, I wish I had bought those shoes that made my feet feel like they were walking on clouds. But, whatevs. I'm not really brand loyal. I realize I don't really like the kind of Asics that have breathable tops because my feet are very rarely ever warm. So, I'm into New Balance right now, and I like them a lot.

    1. TRUST ME, I wasn't annoyed with your shoe shopping trip. I found it funny. Shoes can be hard to get them to fit right.