Thursday, May 16, 2013


I run the Fargo Half Marathon this weekend.
I am nervous.
I have spent far too much time on a treadmill and not enough time on the roads.
My excuses are lame.
I will run anyways.
I will finish.
I will get my medal.

I am excited to have a day in Fargo to hang out with friends, tomorrow and into tomorrow evening. I will go watch the 5k runners. Hopefully they all do well and the heat index is exponentially lower than it was last year, it was crazy town for sure.

The day or two before a race is always hard for me. I am awful at tapering and I think about the race with every moment of my day - or so it feels. I pick out my race outfits (yes, I pick out a few due to the uncertainty of the weather), I make sure my watch is charged, I review my running playlist and make changes to it as needed, I charge up the Ipod, I go for some easy runs, and I pack my bags. I try to pack oatmeal so that I can heat it up with hot water from the coffee pot in the room, I have found that oatmeal seems to sit fairly well in my stomach while I run.

Unrelated excitement: This wedding deal is getting real fast. I am picking up my wedding dress tomorrow. It seems a bit surreal since I bought it back in October. Now the question is where to store it for a few more weeks until we actually get married.


  1. I trained for my entire half marathon in April on a treadmill AND it was my first one. I think treadmill takes more brain power, therefore overall power and therefore a faster run :) you'll do great!
    emma @

  2. Girl you got this! No worries!!