Monday, April 8, 2013

Two Months

What's Done:

  • I have a dress (still needs to be fitted)
  • Church and reception hall are reserved
  • Pastors - picked (complicated when many of your friends are ordained)
  • Caterer - automatic when you get the reception hall
    • food tasted (seriously this is the best job ever - I would love to do this every night for dinner)
  • Cake - person selected 
    • working with her to go back and forth about selecting exactly what we want - who knew there were so many amazing options
  • Photographer 
    •  Fiances uncle and a friend
  • Hair appointments 
    •  reserved for bridesmaids and me
  • DJ 
    •  Fiance's uncle 
  • Rehearsal Dinner 
    • space reserved (at a camp I co-direct in my spare time)
    • menu planned
  • Guest book figured out
  • save the dates sent
  • children's bulletins made
  • centerpieces done
  • reserve transportation for post wedding/ pre-reception 
  • Bridesmaid dresses (ordered and several of them have picked them up)
  • Invitations
    • I just picked up at the printer this past week
    • envelopes are addressed, stamped, and return address on them
    • I need to finish stuffing them and drop them in the mail hopefully today or tomorrow

  • Groom, Groomsmen, Ushers tuxes 
    • picked but now we need them all to turn in their measurements
  • set up golf outing for the guys
  • make a fabric banner
    • fabric is all cut just needs to be tied to the rope
  • make bridesmaid gifts
    • in process
  • figure out groomsmen gifts
  • DJ
    • need to get him a list of what songs are musts and what songs are not to be played
  • figure out usher's gifts
  • Make labels for reception - who has what meal and what not
  • Put labels on mason jars for people to write their names
  • Make food for rehearsal dinner
    • this can't be done until later
  • Flowers
    • have a date set with the florist to look at flowers and pick them and all that happy jazz
  • I need to clean out my closets and kitchen. I know I have been saying I need to do this for months, but push is finally coming to shove and I need to seriously get going through all my stuff and get rid of some, keep some, and seriously make room for Marc and his stuff.

What am I missing?


  1. Sounds like you've thought of everything! I cannot wait to "share" in your special day!! :0)

  2. Listen to you - so organized! :) I am sure it feels like you are leaving something out (man, I always felt that way) but if it's important then it will come to you! :)

    I don't remember if this was on the list or not, but have you already picked out the readings and songs/music for the ceremony? That was one of my favorite parts!!! I'd love to know what you chose!

    And I don't see your e-mail address posted anywhere, but mine is posted on my blog - would you mind shooting me an e-mail so I have yours when you get the chance? Thanks girly! :)