Sunday, April 7, 2013


sitting in pre-marriage retreat 

Every time I have to take one of those personality tests to tell me how I rank on different scales and blah blah blah I ALWAYS end up way on the introverted scale -  I am very well aware of this. Lately between work and everything else introverted side has been neglected, rejected, and forgotten. It sucks and I am feeling it. It has been wonderful to have house guests however I am going nuts and need some time to escape.
I think this is why I feel in love with running, it was Dakota (my sweet puppy), myself, and the empty road ahead. I love it. Between the weather being less than desirable and Easter, house guest, crazy times at church, and everything else, I seriously can't name an hour other than when I am sleeping that I have been totally alone. It is time. This weekend I had house guests again, which I am happy to host, however, it is too much. Next weekend I am traveling home and I absolutely can't wait for the six hours in the car both ways. I can sit in silence, I can jam to whatever music I want, I can tell Dakota all my secrets, I can listen to God.
This afternoon I am off to lead some training for adult leaders - I am sure it will be great - but I am over people. Yesterday, Marc and I had to go to an all day pre-marriage retreat (which was my third - technically this was the first one I didn't have to work - but really I did end up working it) with 40 other couples (5 of which I am marrying between now and October - either way read far too many people for this introvert).
I want a day to go for a run, to spend time reading a book, to nap with Dakota, to clean my nasty house, to do laundry for the 10,000th time, my poor sheets and towels probably feel like they are consistently in the washer & drier due to all the guests. Next weekend I have a lock in but I think I am going to take Thursday off - because I can and need to.
Being and introvert in an extroverts job sometimes is hard and painful. Sometimes it makes me cranky and makes me want to run for miles on end (which in terms of training is probably helpful).
Are you an introvert or an extrovert?
How do you recharge?

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  1. It's a tough call to think of myself as either introvert/extrovert because it really has depended on what season of my life I'm in. When I was growing up, I always felt a bit extroverted - I loved to meet people and talk talk talk! I don't know what it is now, but I have become so introverted that I live as a hermit 80% of the time! I don't like to spend my time with people who irritate me so I just end up spending time alone or with my tiny family. My friends have all but given up on me these days, I swear, but I just feel so different after having a kid! Anyways -! Great blog, I feel like I'm getting to know you so much more through your writing here, love it.