Friday, April 26, 2013


Today I am off to Fargo to go try on my wedding dress again (seriously haven't seen it or tried it on since October). The wedding/being married stuff is becoming real really fast. It is a bit nuts to say the least. While I am excited to go try on my wedding dress and all that fun stuff I am also excited to hang out with one of my friends for a few hours and eat yummy food.

It seems strange that things are finally falling into place and everything is really happening. We are 43 days away from wedding day, I am jazzed, I am ready to be done with this strange period of transition, I am ready to be done with the planning and the craziness of it all. I am ready to be married and on with it. Although I am super super super excited to see family and friends I have my fingers crossed that from when they start arriving till Sunday afternoon goes slowish and that I take at least 10,000 photos (I LOVE pictures) and that I have the mental capacity to remember it all! [Yes, I know this is a utopic dream - but I don't care]

Living in a small town I always get jazzed when I get to go to a bigger town so that I can have a wider variety of food. The problem always comes in only selecting one place to eat.

Perks of going to the big city:
  • great yarn shopping
  • yummy food
  • friends are near
  • chances of running into people from work is lessened
  • I remember that I don't like a ton of people and am happy with my little town
Downfalls of going to the big city:
  • I have to drive
  • I sometimes dream of living closer to a city (2.5 hours to big cities in nearly every direction sort of sucks)
  • it pretty much sucks up my whole day
Unrelated side note: I did get up earlyish and got in a great run with my sweet puppy - the distance isn't quite what I would like to be at right now and the transition from the treadmill to the road is always a roughish one for me.

Any tips for transitioning back to running on the road?
Anything exciting happening in your world today?
Do you have to go somewhere to get to the "big city" or do you live there?
Any good runs happening out there?

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