Thursday, April 25, 2013

Guess Whose Coming To Dinner

It has been on my bucket list for quite some time now to learn how to roll sushi. I am totally and completely and utterly clueless when it comes to how to make it. I have some friends from seminary (Jakeypoo and Molita) who are sushi rolling pros and I have been saying for the longest time that I want to learn because I LOVE to eat sushi but hate the price not to mention the closest sushi place to me is a solid two and a half hours away. Which when you are craving sushi may as well be half way around the world. Anyways.

The church I serve three times a year has a fellowship event called "Guess who is coming to dinner" and people sign up to host the event at their house and then others sign up to be guests and you don't know who is coming to dinner until you show up. It is such fun and people around here love this even, I seriously think they would do it every other month if we would coordinate it - which maybe we should but that is a whole different topic for a different day. Anyways. Marc and I signed up to attend. We were assigned to a families house and we I brought dessert - I made a four layer cake - it was delightful in my opinion. Anyways.

The family who was hosting and Marc and I have been saying we both want to learn how to roll sushi and conveniently another family who was assigned to the same place we were (I didn't even make these assignments - sometimes I get to help pick who goes where) loves making sushi and so they agreed to teach us all how to roll sushi for dinner! WONDERFUL! Seriously so fun. Who knew how easy it was and how inexpensively you can make sushi. I feel like I just about ate my own weight in sushi it was glorious.

My first sushi roll I made
I am thankful for the family who taught us how to roll sushi - I am thankful I didn't just attempt to learn how to do it from directions online and that he was able to show us the tricks to the rice and exactly how to roll it in there and how to pack the rice as well as how to cut the veggies and the sea food. And surprisingly not that difficult to do. I am thankful that someone was able to show me all the tricks, which side of the seaweed faces up, the rice vinegar trick and all of that. Sooooooo yummy and sooooo excited to know how to do this and to be able to cross it off my bucket list (yeah I know I have some strange stuff on my bucket list - however it is my bucket list and I don't care how ridiculous some of it seems).

Part of our sushi roll stack
sooooooooo yummy

Do you like sushi?
Do you know how to roll sushi?
What is on your bucket list?
Anything crazy on your bucket list?
Have you been to any fun fellowship events lately church related or not (I am always looking for new and fun ideas)?


  1. Looks like it turned out really well! I do love sushi but have never attempted it myself!

    1. I totally suggest learning how to do it- it is ridiculously easy and way cheaper than actually going out for it!

  2. I LOVE sushi and no I do not know how to roll it, but it sounds like such a fun time. It could be a great cheap I think I'll have to suggest it to the boyfriend. glad you had a great time at your dinner :)

    1. Totally try it! I thought it would be way harder than it is... now I am certain I am not a sushi master or any of that kind of stuff but it was tasty none the less and way cheaper than going out. We are actually going to try to eat sushi at least once a month.

  3. I love sushi! Soooo much! It is fun to do yourself but a lot of work!

  4. How cool (on both ends)! I love that your church does that...such a neat idea! Yay for getting to roll sushi!

  5. OOOooohhh, yeah. I'm SO glad you learned. It's amazing, isn't it!? Yum. What did you all put in it? Yum yum yum. Your post has now made me hungry for some sushay!!! And since I'm one half of Jakeypoo and Molita, then yes...I do know how to roll it, though I usually do the nigiri sushi while Jakeypoo rolls it.

    Also, your church "Who's coming to dinner" thing sounds WAY FUN! Seriously. Great idea and wonderful opportunity to bond over something so fun.

    Bucket list...I've got a lot of my list done. I can't think of anything else I have on there right now...