Saturday, April 27, 2013


Last night I hung out with a group of sixth grade boys from the congregation I serve, they are hilarious. Seriously, I love middle school kids. While a midst our great conversation about communion we had several other conversations. Let me set the room for you. I am sitting on the floor with eight sixth grade boys in our entry way to our office (a fairly big space), they are secretly trying to hide their ipods/phones in their pockets to text their friends and "girlfriends" and think I have no clue, randomly a fart is let out or a piece of gum is accidentally dropped from their mouths, not to forget the kid who is obsessed with the office chair keeps spinning in a circle at any given opportunity. Their feet must be touching for who knows what strange reason and they are all suffering from extreme "shiny object" syndrome - oh look a shiny object - and are in complete vitamin d with drawl due to the lack of sun and opportunity to burn off all this energy since mid-October when the snow began to fall and hasn't stopped since.

I am not their normal mentor - however their normal mentor couldn't be there and so I steppe in because I love the chance to hang out with the different groups of kids. We began discussing our highs and lows for the past week.

boy a: my high for the week is I got a girlfriend
boy b: WHO?!
boy a: [insert name here]
boy b-h: oooo, ahhhh, wow, etc.
boy a: my low for the week is after 2 days 11 hours and 17 minutes she dumped me
boy d: WHAT?!
boy a: and do you want to know what she did?
boy h: yeah dude
boy a: (spoken in a ridiculous melodramatic voice) after lunch today she gave Lucas a piece of gum
boy f: wow that's low
boy a: AAAAAANNNNNNNNNDDDDD after power hour I saw her talking to my best friend, six lockers down from my locker
boy b: you have to be making this stuff up.... no girl is that mean

a little bit later in the conversation this conversation happens which totally doesn't fit in at all with what we were talking about and we had long since dropped the girl conversation by at least twenty minutes

boy f: guys I figured it out
rest of the boys: what did you figure out - this communion stuff (what we were talking about)
boy f: no - what!? not that - we just need to start dating seventh grade girls
boy c: you can't get a sixth grade girl to date you why would you think you can get a seventh grade girl to date you an what's the difference in sixth and seventh grade girls
boy f: think about it....
boy g: seventh grade girls are taller than us!
boy f: yeah but seventh grade girls aren't dumb like sixth grade girls - I swear I am only dating seventh grade girls for the rest of my life
boy d: why?
boy f: seventh grade girls are older and can stay out late and they always have the better gum
rest of the boys: this totally makes sense
boy a: wait when you are in tenth grade you are going to date seventh grade girls
boy f: noooooo then I'll date seniors.
rest of the boys: ahhhhhh

Seriously these boys crack me up in more ways than I can articulate. They are wonderful and I find the minds of sixth graders hilarious and totally illogical.


  1. That is hilarious!! I love middle school kids! Thats my favorite age to mentor at church too!

    1. Middle Schoolers are illogical at best and yet so fabulous!!!!
      Glad you can appreciate these conversations.

  2. In a strange, wierd way it all makes sense.

    Hey, wait... My wife gave a piece of gum to several friends yesteday!!!